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  • 3Gbps Wireless Security
  • Devices using the 2.4GHz band wireless voice signal and the video signal transmission devices.
     Video video camera or television receiver away from the video monitor, such as a place to put effective when used. Also, because away from outdoor surveillance even if you are using a wireless LAN and other proprietary modulation schemes employing
     You do not have to worry about the other images being shown.
    Proof technology suitable for obtaining complete with wireless license needed!
    Because the wireless LAN and other proprietary modulation schemes employing optimized wireless video transmission devices Security Measures
    Voice stereo full video (30Frame/sec) and play without delay
    By employing high-gain antenna transmission distance 500m more than the distance penetrated outdoor
    5 Space Diversity in recruiting, a patch antenna multipath strength
    Depending on the design of a compact, power-saving ∙ to realize low-cost
    Based ∙ railway road between between buildings, on-site monitoring of the harbor premises suitable for 
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